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GEONETCast and GEONETCast Americas Product Discovery:

The GEONETCast Product Navigator is an access portal to GEONETCast products. It is a searchable database that can be found at:

EUMETSAT Product Navigator

It is also broadcast daily on GEONETCast Americas under the EUMETCast sub-channel. This version will run on a local computer at a user site but internet links will not function unless the user has internet access on the same machine.

The products, including metadata, that are on the GEONETCast Americas broadcast can be found on the "GEONETCast-Americas Illustrated Product List" Section I of the Publications page (under the "FAQs, Links, Publications" tab above) or in the following PDF:

GEONETCast-Americas Illustrated Product List

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